Business Redesign Consulting - BRC
Performance Measurement

* Analyze the existing measurement process using proprietary tools
* Review the employee performance feedback process.

Operations Analysis

* Analyze organization from functional and process improvement perspective
* Evaluate clerical tasks with a view towards outsourcing alternatives
* Compare current relative exempt and/or non-exempt staff assignments using a proprietary analytical Workload Analysis Tool.

Document Management

* Determine:
-Timeliness of document workflow and number of sorts and counts.
-Risk for unauthorized use of information
-Outsourcing potential

Project Facilitation

* Augment existing project staff providing operational expertise.
* Perform activities related to:
-Barrier elimination (staff meetings, project education, etc.) to facilitate the completion of the project.
-Project costs analysis
-Project documentation (updating and dissemination of project status using MS Project)
-Project updates and meetings

Additional information regarding the process is available. 

Business Redesign Consulting - BRC